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I am a solution-driven problem-solver and pride myself in "not knowing what can't be done". I surround myself with incredible people and understand that the best possible outcomes are attained as a team. Business development and marketing drive me, but I also love to dive into operations because improvements in these areas drive growth. My goal has always been to double the size of the business I'm a part of. I love to be given a problem, new product, service or industry and demonstrate how improvements can be made. I can dive into the finest details of analytics or zoom out to 10,000 feet and look at the areas of opportunity. I like to move quickly on good information and trust my instincts. I love to build loyalty and drive competition on my teams. I love to serve and enrich the lives of those around me. I can build relationships with almost anyone and I work hard to maintain those relationships. Entrepreneurship and innovation are an essential part of my life. I understand channel sales, distribution, recurring revenue models, internet sales, customer experience, lead generation and many areas of business sales, marketing, operations and business development very well.