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Mr. Patrick Maloney

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The first twenty years of Patrick Maloney’s professional career were spent traveling the globe as a live sound audio, video and recording engineer and the most recent twenty as a manufacturing Director of Operations, UNIX system administrator, Director of IT, software instructor/trainer and software engineer supervisor.

Having designed, installed and operated audio, video and multimedia presentations since the early stages of the industry, Patrick has considerable experience with many of the technical aspects of live event production and Back-of-House operations. Now, with his recent appointment to Associate Director of Guest Services at the new Don and Maureen Green Music Center on the campus of Sonoma State University, Mr. Maloney is looking forward to completing the circle of “Back-of-House” to “Front-of-House” and thereby contribute to the new world-class symphony concert hall from many complementary points of view.

The path from BOH to FOH took a few side trips along the way, of course. Patrick’s interest in art led to dealing in prints, posters, illustrated books and antique furniture. His fascination with the interplay of form and function, music and architecture enabled him to design and oversee the construction of the office space for a 50,000 sf audio equipment manufacturing company. These side interests have come in handy in his new position at the Green Music Center where, in addition to his mission of providing a superior guest experience, he is finding plenty of opportunity to design functional work spaces, furniture and A/V-enhanced public spaces.

In short, he feels that all his previous work-related experience and many of his personal interests have finally come together in a single place that celebrates the natural union of music and architecture -The Green Music Center.