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Mr. Thomas Tong is a veteran in the convention, exhibition and hospitality industries, with over 33 years of solid experience. Prior to joining the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC), Thomas worked in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group for 17 years. Thomas joined HKCEC in 2006 and assumed his current position of Deputy Managing Director at HKCEC in Jan 2017. During his tenure at HKCEC, Thomas has made significant enhancements to the effectiveness and efficiency of venue operations in support of the over 1,100 events that are held at the HKCEC every year. These include four of the World’s, and seven of Asia’s, largest trade exhibitions, various international conferences and other high-profile events attended by international visitors and Heads of State. He has been instrumental in developing the strategic direction of the operation of one of the most complex, busy and diverse convention and exhibition centres in the world. He has spearheaded the review of the venue’s operational activities and implemented wide-ranging changes, including logistic protocols for move-in and move-out, access control, safety and security training and the setting up of many other communications platform to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of the three operational divisions under his command; namely Venue Operations, Food & Beverage and Facility Management, thus ensuring that the HKCEC maintains its reputation as a world-class venue.