Angie Teel, CMP

Assistant General Manager,
SMG Tulsa
Silver Most Valuable Member

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Missouri State Representative in Region 3 for IAVM 2009-2011
Region 3 Membership Chair 2011-2013
Region 3 Secretary 2013-2015
2015 IAVM Region 2 & 3 Conference Chair​
Region 3 Director 2015-2017
IAVM Board of Directors Executive Committee 2016-2017
IAVM Membership Engagement Committee 2017-2018
IAVM Venue Connect Planning Committee Vice Chair 2017-2018
IAVM Foundation Board of Trustees 2017-present​
IAVM Venue Connect Planning Committee Chair 2018-present
IAVM Strategic Leadership & Resource Committee 2018-present


  • Certified Meeting Professional (CMP)