Is Your Events Venue Providing World Class Guest Services? The 1st Step To Exceptional Service.

By Cameron Ungar posted 08-08-2018 01:20

  1. Defines the organization’s purpose

  2. Aligns that purpose with its customers’ expectations
  3. Communicates that alignment to its employees

This statement must be known and understood by ALL in the organization- it is meaningful. The Statement of Common Purpose almost functions as a department slogan that staff could recite on command out of familiarity (rather than obligation). The details laid out in the Statement of Common Purpose must be realistically achievable. It speaks to what you are and considers the strengths and weaknesses inherent to the venue.

In one of the venues I worked in, I frequently asked the leadership team… "Are we the Motel 6 or the Four Seasons."

Neither is right or wrong. The answer though, tells you a lot about your service proposition and how to respond accordingly. For example, a burned out light bulb might go a day or two before being replaced in a Motel 6 whereas the Four Seasons responds immediately… or more likely, has a maintenance plan in place to change bulbs preemptively before they burn out.

The Statement of Common Purpose is not a BHAG (big, hairy, audacious goal), the BHAG would more likely, be your Visioning Statement. A Visioning Statement describes the organization as it would appear in a future, successful state. The Visioning Statement answers, “what would the organization look like in 10 years if it were to achieve all of its strategic goals.” The Visioning Statement is also important to creating a powerful guest services program because it is aspirational. It creates a mental picture of a future, ideal state while challenging and inspiring staff to accept their individual contributions to achieving that organizational goal.

Guest services is human. It is amazing to realize that most organizations rely on their lowest paid and least experienced staff (i.e. least skin in the game) to deliver on the company’s mission and vision. For this model to work, effective guest services requires front- of- house staff to:

  • Be understanding of the service promise the organization is making.
  • Be trained on how the organization delivers on that promise.
  • Be empowered and trusted to make decisions that meet or exceed the service promise.
  • Be supported in unique and challenging situations that require escalation.

Venue staffing is one of the critical dimensions of an ideal events venue. Good front- of- house staff are incredible people with strong internal motivation. They are ambassadors who represent the organization in the most direct way and often in challenging conditions. In exchange for their dedication, guest services professionals deserve involved leaders who respect, appreciate and support their contributions.

Effective guest services programs for a sports event venue starts with the establishment of a clear vision. Service expectations must be defined, aligned with the expectations of the guests and communicated to the staff. A Statement of Common Purpose and Visioning Statement are powerful tools venues can create to develop the guest services vision. This early work requires massive collaboration, buy in from leadership and a commitment to the process.