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How event venues will be changing to help keep attendees and staff safe at events going forward

By Mark Herrera posted 05-14-2020 18:30


The International Association of Venue Managers (IAVM), having significant influence in a global industry, has a civic duty to assure we provide safe , secure, and healthy environments within all Public Assemblies in particularly Convention Centers.  We are working collectively with all venue types inclusive of their respective leadership, the Federal Government and working groups tasked to  gather data and conduct research as the industry moves toward recovery and identifying what the new “norm” will look like.

 Public Facility Assemblies will follow medical and governmental guidance and not circumvent the science of any pandemic.  The Convention Centers and their respective staff will follow recovery written guidance and remain flexible to assure all attendees are the top priority. 

As of current, and always subject to change, topline safety considerations is to allow healthy people to enjoy the facility/event and encourage the use of masks/face coverings.  They will be provided with a means to wash and sanitize their hands frequently.  Staff will manage the crowd density and assure that physical distancing guidelines are adhered and high touch surfaces will be sanitized frequently.  Communication with employees and guest to include signage on how to prevent the spread of germs will be a common practice.

The International Association of Venue Mangers has  partnered with a Global Bio-risk advisory council considered as a division of one of the leading trade association for the cleaning industry worldwide.  They have a government affairs and regulatory team that  works with federal, state, and local regulators and policymakers to ensure that policies and regulations adopted allow the cleaning industry to be successful, while also providing their customers and the public with a cleaner and healthier environment.  Through this partnership convention centers to include all other venues can apply to a  performance-based accreditation program that helps facilities demonstrate they have the work practices, procedures and protocols to prepare, respond, and recover from outbreaks and pandemics.  Attendees knowing the venue has made every reasonable effort to provide a safe and healthy environment will ease the apprehension however, we know there is no guarantee to zero risk. 

A comprehensive set of written guides/protocols are collectively being developed as we move toward recovery. Events will not be date driven and rather data driven to assure we protect all valuable assets as it pertains to human life.