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Genatek Global is a Michigan-based company focused on pathogen prevention. Our product line consists of a non-contact thermometer, face mask verification with a red light/green light system based on mask & temperature, automatic hand sanitizer, & a purification booth that produces a fogged, micro-mist of Hypochlosous Solution (HOCL) that has certified COVID surface kill time of 1-minute, plus this solution kills 99.9% of other pathogens in its path. 
The GT1000 takes 6 seconds to walk through! 
Our GT1000 is our largest unit.

Genatek Global's GT1000 opened the first fair in the nation to be held at full capacity amid the pandemic. The Farmhouse Living & Hippie Fair was held in September in Indiana. 10,300 people walked through our units in a matter of 2 days! Both the state & county health departments contacted us weeks later to thank us & to proudly announce that zero COVID cases emerged from that event where, again, 10,300 people walked through our units. 

We have a variety of that offer the same technology as the GT1000 as seen above. 
Our GTmini is our newest addition.
The device below is based on a red light/green light system as is the GT1000. If the user has a normal temperature and is wearing a mask, a character will appear on the monitor with a positive audio message of "A+." If the user is not wearing a mask and/or has a temperature, the user will see a red light, and an audio cue will alert management. 

GTmini: Designed for kids! Our GT500 is our smaller unit. It is based on a turn-style. 
If the user is wearing a mask and has a normal temperature, the green light will trigger the gates to open. 
If the user is not wearing a mask and/or has an abnormal temperature, the red light will keep the gate closed.