The NFPA Requires Trained Crowd Managers In Your Venue - Avoid Penalties!

By Kayla McKinley posted 11-15-2010 16:41

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Life Safety Code 101 requires one Trained Crowd Manager for every 250 guests in public assembly venues. Many states and municipalities have adopted this code. If a public assembly venue does not comply with the mandated code, the venue is subject to penalties and/or regulatory requirements.

A Trained Crowd Manager is responsible for safe crowd movement during daily activities and special events; means of egress, assisting venue occupants, overseeing emergency response and evacuation plans. Trained Crowd Manager skills help ensure a safe public assembly venue and protect the lives of guests and venue employees, increasing an employee’s value to every venue.

A certificate as a Trained Crowd Manager will be earned once both phases of the program are complete:

Phase One (web-based): The first phase is the employee’s responsibility to complete. It is a four-hour, self-paced online training that will give the participant a general overview and training of crowd management. This phase of the training needs to be re-completed every three years.

Phase Two (in-house): The second phase of training is provided by the employee’s specific venue. The participant will receive a two-hour training customized for that venue’s and individual’s needs. Training will be incorporated with the venue’s standard and seasonal training. This phase of training is to be re-completed every year.

Total cost (includes Phase One and Phase Two) of training is $15 per individual. Bulk licenses are available at a discounted rate of 5, 10 or 15 percent and include access to training and curriculum materials for Phase Two of the program.

For more information visit the AVSS website or contact Harold Hansen, IAVM Director of Life Safety & Security, at 773.973.2049 or email: