Mr. Peter Secord, MBA

RedZone Group Purchasing
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Honest • Trustworthy • Informed • Professional

Prior to starting RedZone Group Purchasing (GPO), my career path included; managing a fixed-income portfolio for the State of California, stints with three 'dot-com's (ZapMe!, Pandesic, Vignette) and Director of Business Development for a pharmaceutical distributor.

I am energized and inspired when I can successfully create and build 'win-win' solutions and relationships. I feel that my 'can-do' attitude, my commitment to excellence, my ability to build rapport quickly and my desire to help others succeed has fueled my success.

Qualities that make me me: creative, tenacious, friendly, cheerful, high energy, inspirational, strong, softhearted, lighthearted, sensitive, sincere, trustworthy, loyal, courageous, patriotic, fit, dedicated, visionary, thorough, intuitive, fun, lead by example, devoted and full of love for others.

Away from work I enjoy spending time with my wife (Jan), son (Sam) and dog (Pepper). I enjoy backpacking, hiking, golfing, sailing, gardening, traveling, dancing, yoga, rowing, scuba diving, volunteering, board games, practical jokes, attending sporting events, deep conversations, reading, movies, Christian philosophy, country & praise music, and spending time with friends.