Food service model once arenas and stadiums open again

By Greg Flakus posted 06-10-2020 15:36

I have visited with about five venue food service managers to ask them what they think food service may look like as football season starts and some will be able to have a reduced capacity number of fans in attendance.  Three of the five brought up the model of when an organization called Promise keepers  was packing stadiums for their gatherings. In this case, each attendee would be able to pre order a box lunch for each day and pick it up at locations on the concourse, or if they wanted to could pay for alunch at a few designated locations.. the choices were very limited, three kinds of meat on a sandwich, chips and a canned soft drink.. The cost for the meal as they recall to box with food cost, labor and payment to the staff was about 4.50 per box.. the boxes sold for 7.50 to 9.50.... Not a greet margin, but still better than having to man all the concession stands.
Here is the main challenge with the model being used for stadiums... what will your demand be... should you prepare for the capacity and a sell out of boxes..prepare a limited number?  Anyway it is a model that worked at that time and maywork again in some way... Any ideas out there on what other venues are thinking?