Mrs. Anastasia Volsko, CMP

Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland

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Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland


My professional experiences range from small personal events, consumer marketing, and large scale corporate executions. I believe that no detail is too small and that every event can be bigger and better. Event planning is not just my passion; it is ingrained in the things that I do. I enjoy being involved in every aspect of an event, to ensure that no detail is missed. I love feeling the satisfaction of a well planned and executed event, and the challenge of planning and decision making for the unplanned occurrences during events. Planning and organization are habits that are ingrained in my personality. Simply put, I love planning and I am exceptional at it. My past experiences planning small personal events and large multi-location productions gives me a unique perspective on events.

Personal Motto's:

"Expect the unexpected"
"Know what you don't know"